Monday, June 4

in the tune of june

well...hi! where the heck have i been? do you, my three readers, feel so neglected? i have tons to tell and show you, but that hurts my brain and makes me want to stick my head in the sand!

so, in full avoidance fashion, since i had a bunch of songs shazamed, i thought i'd toss you a playlist for june. in full disclosure, i became obsessed (OBSESSED) with that naughty, naughty 50 shades, and because i'm cray-cray just for fun, i whipped up a playlist of songs included in their pages. so, that's all i've been listening to for the last few weeks. if you'd like to obsess too, you can listen here.

some of those songs are here too, but most are songs i found on movie trailers and CDs baby sister let me barree. do you have any new music i need to hear? are you obsessed with 50 shades too? should we form a support group?!

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