Wednesday, June 13

showers possible

i know you, my 3 readers, are so distraught when you come here daily and there's no new post. wait, what? is this thing on? anybody out there? well, hopefully there are at least 3 of you checkin' this space out, because today we're showering the brides.

when it comes to bridal showers, there's usually some kind of cutesy theme, and my clients did not disappoint. let's start with the wine and cheese variety. these were printed on kraft paper, tucked in kraft envelopes, and show how even one color can make a majorly bold statement!
this bride is so well-traveled, it was a no-brainer the shower would be travel themed. i went with an airmail feel, tying in her wedding colors. the shower fun included laminated luggage tags, and we adorned table signs with images the bride-to-be took on her travels. i'll show ya when i get the pictures!
hello, clever idea!! my client wanted a recipe card that invitees could bring to the shower, and what better way to do that than with perforation? the size made them perfect 3.5x5 recipe cards, and i think they're super cute! we also did wraparound envelope labels in the wedding colors to match the invites.
part engagement fiesta, part couples shower, these way fun invites continue my love affair. these colors (with wedding color, mustard, at the forefront) just pop off the linen paper.


  1. YUMMOOOOOO, I Love it especially 2 of them and Im not going to say which 2. I have something i need you to do for me as well, Ill email you!! :)

  2. Those fiesta ones are CUTE!!!

  3. can't wait to hear whatcha need, shelbs!

    and, thanks, sis!


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