Friday, June 22

boys will be boys

i know i've mentioned it before, but i get many an order for the boy-child. this year has been no exception, and i always love hearing what theme each boy-child wants. skateboard, snowboard, sports, robots, super hero. let's take a little gander at some of this year's partay invites, shall we?

since he was turning 10, he wanted a take on the x-games (get it?!). so, it was a swish here, some grungy text there, and a snowboarder or two for this milestone.
from snowboards to skateboards, this client knew what he wanted, making sure we knew exactly how and what color he wanted his board to be. i have it on good authority that we were pretty good at bringing his idea to life!
we all know that every (well, ok most) boy loves him some sports. this particular boy-child is fond of all ball sports, so we did a little mash up for his invite. (what's up with the weird pic, you say? i obviously failed to print extras for a photo shoot!)
then, of course, there are robots. mama put marker to paper to whip up johnny 4 here, and i brought him to life on a postcard invitation. the clever headlines are the best!
and, lastly, my favorite kind of party - the fiesta! you know i love my margaritas. and, this little mister is as spicy as they come, so it's a perfect match! aren't i so witty with all the spanglish?!
how's that for gettin' the creative juices flowin'? got a boy? he's probably got a birfday, right? gimme a shout - we'll get workin'!

boy, oh boy, oh boy!

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  1. clever clever on the x-games! did he come up with that or you did. I love the little flags on the fiesta cards.


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