Friday, June 15

pretty in pink

after years of wishin' and chickenin' out, then wishin' and chickenin' out, i finally pulled the trigger and dyed my hairs. it's atomic pink, and i'm in love. little nervous about getting it out of pillowcases, shower curtains, and clothes, but i'm in love.

it seems the higher the climb toward the big 4-0, i feel the need to do something drastic to my hairs around mah birfday. last year i chopped it off (much to mr man's chagrin); this year - COLOR! see for yo-self...
for the old (yes, OLD) birfday this year, our best pals joined us for some booty-shakin', fist-pumpin' 80s cover band nostalgia. it.was.awesome! rebel yell. fight for your right. jump. just like heaven. hungry like the wolf. melt with you. man, i love a show where i know the words to every song.

i wasn't planning on dressing up, but when i stumbled across some pink skinny jeans, i knew they must be mine. my 16 year old self is so rolling her eyes right now... and, if i was sporting pink jeans, then you know mr man had to break out the crue tee. straight outta the 80s, dontcha know!

hmmm, pink hair, pink jeans...i think i'm seeing a trend, because my new tennie-runners are pink, and my latest pedi is bright pink! whoa, maybe rosita needs to change her 'signature culuh' from red to atomic pink.

i'm gonna need to sleep on that one. whatchoo been up to??

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  1. Getting a pedi myself, reading your blog...something must be in the air 'cause I just got bright pink, too! :)


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