Saturday, May 28


sometimes when i get an order, i'll get a few hours into the design, wipe my brow, and think 'what did i get myself into?' this design is one of those times. but, i wasn't going to let it be my kryptonite, and dare i might be one of the cutest designs i've churned out of headquarters the workshop. (that's a little horn tootin' for those of you keeping track).

superhero birthdays demand comic book style invites, right down to the pictures. well, for that, i needed to do some learnin' ... to the batcave interwebs

and, POW! the pictures went
and shazam, the final invite looked like this
it's got the comic book feel, right? zinger words, lightning bolts, stars, fun fonts. can you find their blaster cuffs in the invite?

could this possibly be one of THE most custom design you've ever seen? well, don't go calling me wonder woman just yet.


  1. of your best yet!

  2. It's my favorite so far. I'm sending the link to my SIL b/c it makes me think of my nephew. So cute!


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