Tuesday, May 31

In My Shoes

i've been thinking lately that it might be fun to give the blog a more human feel. i know i've interrupted the design before to talk about obsessions, books i've read, and mr man, but i thought you might like a weekly, or monthly view into my riveting life. funnily enough, i get the most comments from you, my 3 readers, when i write personally. i'm not quite sure what that means, but i do know, i love me some comments.

i think it'll be pretty organic, changing or not, as i please. and if you know me, that's pretty much my personality (i am a truuuue gemini).

so, is this a good idea? is this the dumbest thing you've ever heard? hello? anyone there? drop me a comment here if there's anything you've been dying to know.


  1. We love you as you are, so have fun! You're a great writer and life enthusiast--your reflections bring smiles. IMO, good idea, Miss Rosita.

  2. And I always read :), but somehow there's isn't an easy way to see how to subscribe to this blog... Maybe you've updated since I first tried... I had to get via RSS feed.

  3. I'm listening! Let's hear it! You are a great writer!


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