Monday, May 16

Around the World

lately i've been doing more kiddo birthday invites, and i tell ya - the 'rents are gettin' creative. this little munchkin has been quite the traveller, and mama wanted to use that as the focus for the invites and the party.

so, the invites were designed with an airmail slash train/air ticket slash travel feel, and was topped off with a pic of the birthday boy in paris.
for the party, they carried on the travel theme with a paper airplane making contest and these cute passports. mom asked me to design a little passport for the party guests to fill out. they went 'around the world', filling their passports with stamps from the birthday boy's travels. tout cute!
and, of course, no birthday would be complete without a birthday banner (made round, like the world!)
isn't that such a fun birthday party idea? and, what a lucky boy to be such a world traveller!

do you have a birthday to celebrate? let's whip up some goods for you!

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