Tuesday, May 24

What a Hoot

how is it that our little sweet p is 2, and i was tasked with designing all her 2nd birthday swag?! she's supposed to be a little peanut, but, now she leads us all around by the nose and chatters and sings constantly.

she also loves ALL animals, birds, bugs, etc. so, mom wanted a cute 'look whooo's 2' theme with an owl. you've seen the invites.
and, for the party, we did a banner
custom birthday banner
a party hat
children's owl birthday party hat
and favor tags...
custom children's birthday favor tags
for the cutest favors my sister handmade (good thing there were only 5 guests!)
the iowa farmer's wife felt owl
what did i tell ya about the mamas gettin' creative up in here? the guests also decorated owl masks to take home, and feasted on the cutest owl cupcakes. (i'm sure she'll blog about all the goods soon).

lucky girl got to celebrate her birthday twice, so the swag made two debuts (one for friends and one for family) - love that.

for good measure, i thought we needed a pic of the birthday girl modeling her birthday hat. she's just the cutest dang thing ever!
let's chat about your kiddos birthday.


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