Thursday, June 2

another year bites the dust

today's mah birfday. and, if you thought i had a hard time jumping into thirty-f*cough*ive, all squinty-eyed, 'this-can't-really-be-how-old-i-am', boy howdy (we do too say that where i'm from) thirty-s*blech*ix is gonna be a da-hoo-za-ie. y'all, i'm trying to put the skids on. toepick. pie wedge. nine. alto. i want it to stop! seriously, THIS CAN'T REALLY BE HOW OLD I AM!

i really hoped i could go to beddy-bye last night, and wake up tomorrow. which, those of you who know me and my birthday celebratin' ways, is a bad sign.

so, i got mah hairs cut yesterdee, and had every intention of doing this:
but when i got there, there was no colorist. what tha? well, to be fair, when i want mah hairs cut, i want mah hairs cut, so i go to rudy's. anyhoo - it's prolly a good thing, cuz someone was all: what? huh? red? wait? what? huh? and then: you already did it, didn't you? heeheeha! can you imagine? going that drastic without getting an ok, sure? as if! i'm still reeeeeeeally tempted to do the color. so, stay tuned.

alrighty - i'm off to enjoy the rest of my day. i have a rare sun break luring me outside. i'm also thinking about a mani/pedi and maybe a little retail therapy. and, you know i'll cap it all off with a cocktail. mr man's in charge of the festivities this evenink, so i'll have a recap next week sometime. wonder who's surprising me this year!


  1. Im going red but only highlights of red... go for it!!!!! It will look beautimusssss

  2. Have a wonderful birthday evening with Will :-)

  3. please dye it!!! I did it wasn't bad hehe, I actually miss it, but I hate how it faded I blame it on my colorist...and the brown dye box from wal-mart covers it up in a jiffy if you absolutely hate it

  4. That is how I want my hairs cut. Not dyed, just cut. I yike it.


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