Friday, June 3

June-y Tunes

y'all, the PNW is bringin' in june right! i'm coming to you from my back patio soaking up some vitamin d - actual sunshine! there's a beautiful weekend full of sunnyshine ahead of us, and i'm so excited. and i just can't hide it. i'm about... oh, saw-ree. it's just that we call may a tease with all its glorious sunshine, because then we get june and all its rain.

so, see? it's a perfect day for a kicky new playlist. since it's my birth month, i threw in some of my faves from over the years. and, yes, that is rush, rush. i loved me some paula back in the day. and, keanu was in the vid. i loved keanu (don't hate). you know the drill - tell me what you're listenin' to these days. or, what you still have in rotation from over the years.

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