Tuesday, June 21

Vegas, Baby

i don't get too many orders for bachelorette party invites, but when i do, man, are they fun to design. especially when the party's in sin city, and you're told to make the design vegas-y and fun and bright.

since the party was also a lingerie shower, i was thinking maybe showgirl or vegas flyer style. (do you get bombarded with those things as you walk along the strip, too?) and, then i thought, what about the welcome sign? because nothing says vegas like the sign. and, how excited was i when i realized 'charity' has the same letters as 'welcome'... it's the little things, people, it really is!
we started the party in the mailbox, by carrying the design over to the printed envelopes!
the back of the invite (all my designs are double-sided, you know) was a fun design, listing the bride's unmentionables sizes, so we'll leave that off the blog.

i have it on good authority that they thoroughly embarrassed the bride. i guess they say 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas'. so, might as well 'go big, or go home', huh?!


  1. OHHHHH so much fun the person who designs the invites should always just get an automatic invite to the party!!!! :) Loved them

  2. I was going to say hurry up and post your playlist, but then I realized that its still over a week until July. I'm making a CD today and mailing it to you :) maybe some songs will make the showcase.


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