Friday, June 17

Graphic Wall Art {Tutorial}

as promised, i'm back to show you how to make some fun graphic art for your walls. just in time for a weekend project!

for this project, you're gonna need:
  • a canvas or piece of wood cut to size
  • vinyl or cut-out letters
  • spray paint or paint
  • a straight edge/ruler
first, you'll want to decide what saying you want, and figure out how many packs of vinyl letters you'll need. i got my canvas at michael's and the letters at staples, where they have a ton of sizes.
graphic wall art tutorial
i wanted my letters to be some color besides canvas white. if you want the same, spray or paint the canvas/wood the color you'd like.
now it's time to start placing the letters. unfortunately, with the stick on vinyl letters, you can't really place them first, move them around,  and still have them stick. you pretty much have to commit. so, i measured an inch down from the top and started placing my letters.
i decided i wanted mine to be about an inch apart vertically, so i used my metal ruler to provide the gap.
all done. how cute is that heart in the 'o'? when i realized there were hearts in my pack, i resisted placing them all over the canvas ala my 6th grade trapper keeper, and just used one.
now, it's time to spray/paint the top.
i'm sure you're thinking 'why the heck did she pick black letters if she's going to spray black over them?' well, i don't know why. i was worried for a minute, but they were visible! don't be like me - get brown or grey or blue, whatever. (if you can name that song reference, i love you!)
now, it's reveal time. drum roll please - dadadadadadadadadada
dundadah! just peel those letters off. now, here's the deal. those stickers don't love stickin' to the sprayed canvas, and i saw that dang 'e' flutter while i was spraying. i was super nervous it was gonna look u-g-l-y-you-ain't-got-no-alibi, and i'd have to scrap it and start over, but i lurved it! i wanted a grunge feel, and even thought of sanding some of the edges.
but, once i pulled off all the letters, and saw some of the edges weren't so crisp, i decided against grunging it up anymore.

we're done! only thing left to do is pat yourself on the back, and hang that sucker.
of course, if you don't want to do it yourself, you know i'm here for ya. i'll do all the labor for you and wrap it up in a pretty little bow.

and, if you do decide to whip one up, remember to come back and show me. i wanna see what cute phrase you pick. (also, if you know where my saying hails from, i'll love you even more!)

i linked up this project to The Lettered Cottage
The Lettered Cottage


  1. You should be a teacher :-) Great lesson.

  2. I want to make one after I move!

  3. I noticed someone put one of these in my room the other day. And it's just like this one! Plagiarism!

  4. Awesome project!! I am a huge typography fan and I will have to think of the perfect phrase to do one of these for my home! Thanks for stopping by our blog, btw. It's always nice to have a shoulder to virtually cry on. ;)

  5. Mr. Man is a goofball. I want to make one of these!!!!! except that means I have to go buy spray paint...sigh.

  6. I enjoyed your tutorial and know you've got my wheels spinning in my head. :) I will adapt some of the ideas and create with your inspiration. Thanks!
    Mimi-Toria's Designs

  7. Wow this is amazing, and so easy to do! I can't wait to make one myself! The hardest part is picking a quote to use, I have so many in mind!

  8. your awesome wall art was featured today on let birds fly! come see it and grab a featured button if you wish!

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