Wednesday, June 15

Bed Head

we haven't had a headboard in many, many years, and i thought we needed one. so, one day, i decided that we (mr man) should build one, and be able to hang it in one day. well, let me give you a view into projects i dream up: they never happen as i see them in my head. but, i can't seem to learn my lesson.

anyway - i'd seen loads of cool DIY headboards made of salvaged pieces like shutters or old doors, and figured it couldn't be that difficult. (that's foreshadowing, btw).

so, i drug mr man out of bed and to the salvage yard to pick out a door. if you've never been to a salvage yard, they have rows (and rows) of doors. after digging for about an hour, we found a nice, decently priced 5 panel door (so when we cut it down, it'd look 'natural').

of course, we couldn't just slap it up on the wall. it needed to look all perfeshonal like, with molding and stuth. only problem: we have the wonkiest bedroom walls and ceiling. so, nothing pre-made was gonna work. (ooh, i do love custom) see where this is going? we set off for HD to find our pieces, and i'll spare you the drama, but after 2+ hours there, we kinda found something that'd work and i maybe mighta turned into a 2-year-old.

how 'bout some in progress pictures??
we cut the door down, added moulding, and filled in the door knob. then, we sanded like crazy and painted the whole thing black. then it was up 4 flights of stairs to the bedroom, only to have the paint scratch off when it grazed the banister. *#%##%*
back down 2 flights of stairs to re-sand and re-paint. y'all, that paint peeled off like cheap nail polish. i said a few curse words. if you're keeping track, this was not a one day project. more like 2 or 3, plus a few nights. talk about a labor of love!

after all that, you really want to see it in the room now, right?!
doesn't it look awesome?! mr man's such a stud. nothin' hotter than a man in a tool belt and safety goggles. of course, since we got a new headboard, we needed new bedside tables too. it's a whole new bedroom. all we have left to do are the floors! the room needed more art, too so i whipped up some.
you want one, dontcha? well, come back friday, and i'll show you how it's done.


  1. You two need your own HGTV show! I love it.

  2. hehe I love it!..and I want that art, saying and all

  3. Looks awesome! And I like the new header Rosita Says. hehe

  4. Nice! I want to know if it DIY was worth it. It really looks awesome. You didn't say if you tried different paint after the first peeled off or what.

  5. no, we used the same paint. i was feeling the post was getting a little long, so left out the part about the door. it must've been a door from a construction site, that had been sprayed w/ paint already, or primer. it was slicker'n snot, but i thought i'd sanded it enough with liquid sander. obviously not - had to break out the mouse sander. the paint was never the problem.

  6. LOVE your new headboard!!! I've been trying to get Gabe to build me one for the last year...still waiting :)

  7. This looks great, I will have to try it myself, just visiting from brooklyn Limestone


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