Tuesday, June 7

Scenes from a Birthday

this is what's going on in my kitchen at the moment. my ears are a-ringin' - hammer, crash, drill, crash. i can't look again for fear i might have a heart attack.
i'm so excited we're putting hardwoods in our kitchen, i just wish i could 'bewitch' it done. prepwork is hard, y'all. so, since i'm having a hard time concentrating...huh? oh, right - here's a recap of the birthday haps. in hindsight, i'm glad i didn't skip my birthday - we had tons of fun.

we had a lovely date night of yummy cocktails (mona's) and italian deliciousness (salvatore). mr man wanted to hit places we'd never been before, and that little sneaker snooped into my list and found places i've been wanting to try! he's a keeper, that one.
we continued the festivities into the weekend (of course we did). we lucked out finding a table at alki (it was friday night AND sunny), then went for my favorite pizza (belltown pizza) before my droolfest over bradley cooper at the liquor theater (aka big picture).
could the dude be any hotter? i laughed a lot, so if you're thinking about seeing it, i say go. it is pretty similar to the first one, but did i mention bradley cooper's in it? he could read the dictionary and i'd watch. (sorry, honey) and, there's a monkey in it. note about me: i love monkeys. they're hilarious, and i would gladly accept one as a gift.

on saturday, we did a little day drinkin' with friends. we all met in woodinville and traveled around for a little of this:
i love me some wine tasting. and, the day was GORGEOUS. amazing. glorious. fantabulous. sunshine, 80, and wine - nuthin' better! i tried to pick wineries with outdoor seating so we could enjoy the sunshine, and that we did. friends came and went throughout the day, and i capped off the evening with a drink in a boot.
'cause nothing says 'happy birthday' like a drink served in footwear. albeit, sassy footwear. sassy footwear you know i'd totally rock.

and, then, the icing on the proverbial cake - as if the twilight whose-it-whats-its knew it was my birthday, they released the trailer to breaking dawn. you know you wanna watch.


  1. The question is do you want to clean up after your monkey....??? Glad you had a fun b-day.

  2. I saw this on MTV movie awards, in which Twilight clean up...Harry Potter (Emma Watson) should've won more awards :(

  3. I am so happy about your new kitchen floors. You are going to love them. Please post AFTER pictures.

  4. Can't wait to see the floors! How much longer? That boot is hilarious.

  5. November is too long to wait!! I can't take it! How did the floors turn out?


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