Wednesday, September 16

Whatcha Workin' On?

You're probably wondering, "So, what's she working on?" So, I thought I'd answer that question for you (even if you're not wondering that).

Since being laid off, I've been doing alot of "cleaning" the house (don't confirm that with mr. man, cause he might not agree!), working on this here blog and the website (link's over the right...), and doing some design work.

I finished up announcements for baby Cade. Isn't he adorable? So sweet, too!
And, I'm working on announcements for baby Rylan. Now I'm probably being biased here, cause he's the BF's kiddo, but isn't he the friggin' cutest thing you've ever seen? Those eyes! Love this kid to bits, I tell ya! Now if his mama'd only make up her mind which announcement she wants...

And, in the middle of all that, (I know, who'm I kidding?) I found time to walk 60 miles for breast cancer! My teammates & I, Pay It Forward, were the little engines that could - "I think I can" was heard, more than once! Phew, lots of blisters and muscle aches, but that cause is so worthy!

So, what can I work on for you?

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