Thursday, September 3

All Systems Go

Who knew it took so long to create a website? Well, maybe it's easier for other folks. Folks who don't change their logo 450 times, the front page of their site 4,000 times, and folks who don't resize their images 9 million times. Yea, maybe it's easier for them.

But, I digress - it's here. I'm so excited to announce it! Rosita Designs is alive!!!

I cannot wait to get started and begin creating designs. I'm sure any time now, I'll receive the first email to go full steam ahead. Yep,

Hello? Is this thing on?

Oh well - here she is:



  1. I love the website and blog. It is awesome. Good Luck!!!!


  2. I think its so amazing that you are doing this!!!!! CONGRATS


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