Tuesday, July 1

july's jingles

oh, hey there, my three readers. thank you for your lovely comments on june's playlist! and, here we are for another round of only posting the playlist on the blog. writing takes time, y'all. and, as soon as i sit down to pen what is sure to be riveting stuff...squirrel! i have so much to share, say, tell you, but i don't know that it belongs here in the design space. i want to shift this space a bit. get more real. but i don't yet know what that looks like. if you've got idears, let 'er rip!

the ol' shazam paid off this month with 15 songs for me to share with you! no idea where I heard most of them, but whatevs yo! i heard the norah jones version of i think it's going to rain today on the sarah pandora station the other day, and i was thrust back into a 1988 movie theater trying to see thru the gallons of tears i was crying during beaches. the soundtrack was my first CD, and i listened to that thing ad nauseum. hearing it reminded me just how much i love me some bette midler, and that i can quote beaches like nobody's biz.

so you've heard the paramore song, have you? well, i've somehow avoided it's radio overplay. a friend brought it up when we were talking about how it kinda blows to get older and have to weed thru crap like miscarriages and jobs. one listen and it was love.

speaking of sarah Pandora stations - some girlfriends and I went to see her at chateau st michelle last weekend, and it was amazing. as always. if you've never seen her, make it a point. she rocks it! you'll be pleasantly surprised. but maybe don't go to chateau st michelle. i've heard they frown on cutting lines, sneaking your own booze in, and dancing in the aisles. but, i've just heard that.

on to the music!

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  1. I just posted a comment, but I think it didn't go through....I've been listening to this playlist all month ;) and the maylist up until then! I might be a little partial to the maylist....


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