Thursday, May 1

maylist playlist

well, thank the good lord for baby sisters! i had about 2 songs for the playlist, and she sent me over her shazam list, and... shazam (i'm so sorry) a list was born. p.h.e.w! so, i'm gonna be hearing most these songs for the first time, just like you!

you'll notice i felt the need to put some george michael circa '90 on here. a gal pal turned the big fore-ohhh this weekend, and that song was on the playlist there, and it brought back major memories. i knew every word, and might've obnoxiously sung the whole thing at the top of my lungs. and, all I could think about was linda evangelista singing inside her sweater and the infamous vest going up in flames. did you go there with me?

ok, seriously, my three readers, i WANT to know what you're listening to. give it up! i'll be your best friend. k? thanks, bye!

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  1. I loved seeing Johnnyswim on here, I just discovered them on Live From Daryl's House, The National are good. Muse is on my summer playlist, love them. I didn't flip out when Freedom came on but I did smile a little and it was great to hear it again, great song. I love Amos Lee as well. My summer playlist includes, Aloe Blacc, Pharrell Williams Happy gets played at least once a day, Kaiser Chiefs, American Authors, Neon Trees. On heavy rotation since they announced they are touring this summer...Outkast. Any summer list for me is not complete without Snoop and Dre, they mean summer to me, long strange story. As usual there was lots of new stuff on here for me, so once again great playlist and Thank You.


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