Friday, December 2

just hear those sleigh bells jingling

sheesh - december, you snuck in while no one was lookin', didncha? i'm givin' you a pass tho, cause i'm (shock of all shocks) just a smidge in front of the proverbial eight ball (eep! am i jinxin' mahself?).

k - enough with the tangent, and on to the music. christmas carols, christmas carols, lots of fun with chri...(name that tune!)

ahem. sorry.

this maybe might be a recyclin' of last year's playlist, with a sprinklin' of new tunes, too. a few of these ditties are kinda reachin' in the ol' 'carol' dept, but whatevs, they sound purty. and, it's chock full, peeps, cause ain't nobody likes a good christmas carol like moi. seriously. 

what's your fave christmas song, cd, carol, etc, etc, etc?i have it on good authority the elf soundtrack is a must-hear, and i'm totally diggin' the sufjan stevens christmas cd(s).

joy to the ears! by Raeann on Grooveshark

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