Tuesday, November 29

it's beginning to look alot like...

i'm gonna let you in on a little secret...nuthin' lights a fire under my patootie faster than house guests. it maybe might be the only time i clean, but i'm not tellin'. after our "family" of 12 thanksgiving dinner, some dear (cheesy word, but packs a punch) college friends paid us a visit.

so, that meant the decor had to go from this:
to this in less than 12 hours.
but, i thrive on a challenge, and that was the fastest decorated tree on the planet, i'm sure.

so, yes, it is beginning to look alot like christmas around here. tree's up. outside lights are up. and, designs are flying out of the workshop. and, this little elf is feeling so, so blessed. y'all bring a tear to my eye every time the email bell dings. the support is overwhelming - thank you will never be enough.

let's see what's brewin' this year, shall we? you've got your humorous
you've got your adorable pictures
moving announcements
party invites
and, the corporate persuasion
that enough to get your creative juices flowing? need more inspirationorder up - it's less than a month 'til christmas. i know. I KNOW!


  1. arghhhh I want that VW bus! These cards are too too cute!

    PS I sorta got some twitter stuth figured out tonight.

  2. love them all!! I totally wanted AJ to do the naughty and nice thing..that was P the whole time we were taking pics. when I have my own house you're coming and setting up my tree every year. K?

    IFW do you mean the Starfall van?


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