Tuesday, November 1

november notes

november, seriously? i can't believe the holiday season is upon us. truly. where.does.the.time.go??? well, a new month means a new playlist. now, if i'm being honest, i had a hard time with the list this month. i didn't love last month's and i worry this is becoming more of a chore than fun. anyone really listen to these? (cue the crickets!)

anyhoodle - i found some new songs i'm liking, but you'll notice this here list is chock full of oldies. like, holy crap, my 20 year reunion is in less than 2 years, old. but, here's why. it's mr man's birth month (he turns old tomorrow), and i decided i'd use songs from bands we've seen in concert. then, i realized that you, my three readers, would NOT thank me for pantera and slayer songs. (yes, i've seen them.) so, i picked a few tamer bands and laced in some faves from my mix tapes i found in the closet.


  1. What?! Who doesn't like Pantera and Slayer? Jeez... Also, where is the Static-X for old times sake?

  2. I love your playlists. They're what I listen to here at home while working on the magazine. You also have a fan down in Alabama. Last month my boss and I had your tunes going while working in the office. Keep them coming!

    (now listening to your Nov. list here in freezing cold Buffalo, NY.)


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