Friday, November 18

the beginning of the end

so, today marks the beginning of the end. a day i've been (obnoxiously) excited about for many years, but which also has a melancholy feel, because there's not much time left. only about 4 hours of time, to be exact. i'm trying not to get too down about it.

of course i'm referring to the opening of breaking dawn, the final twilight book made into a (horribly wrong) movie. sheesh, what'd you guys think i meant?
i'm so friggin' excited! as much as i lurved eclipse, i've always wished we'd only had twilight and breaking dawn. i don't wanna see my edward be mean and leave. i don't wanna see bratty jacob try to compete with my edward. i knowwwww i'm upsetting you team jacob's out there (lookin' at you, carrie).

but, back to the inappropriate overwhelming excitement brimmin' under my skins! i know i've bombarded you with my feelings before, but a girl needs to share!

now seriously, it's imperative you avoid thinking about things like they're 17/18, edward's a creepy old dude, he's a vampire! suspend your disbelief people - embrace that horndog of a teenager you were. it's all in good fun, anyway. (ok, those cray-cray's out there campin' out for days need to get a life!)

this is it! the wedding! the honeymoon! the crazy-as-hell half-vamp bebe! her hideous name! bella as vampire! (such a bad ass) i.cant.wait!

ok, let's chat... here's what i'm sooo hoping they did justice to:
bowchikabowwow - let's just get that one outta the way up front - it's about time we get to throw off that veil of tension and get down to it!
the wedding - the dress, wedding decor, music, flowers, the denali coven
the honeymoon - refer to first point, feathers, broken beds, torn lingerie, ahem - is it getting hot in herr?
alpha jacob - as much as he bu-u-uuugs, i loved when he broke pack and blazed his own trail
the cars - these have been sadly misrepresented in past movies - step it up this time, why doncha?
jacob/rosalie relationship - the comic relief this brought to the book in the heaviest scenes could really lighten up parts of the movie. i doubt they'll stick with it, but we'll see
the birth - as gruesome as i've heard it is, i hope it more gruesome-r. that scene reads like a horror story, so bloody it up, man!
renees-barf-me - gawd, if there coulda been a worse name, i don't know what it'd be. good thing she's amazing, and makes up for it. i'm soooo excited about her "ability" and hope summit has brought it (cuz they ain't done crap from the special defects perspeck yet - what the hay?)

now, don't get me wrong - breaking dawn was not a perfect read - having re-read it for the (ahem) 5th time in the last few days, there are entire sections that are completely unnecessary. (woulda reduced the size of the door stop substantially too).

when i got to "book 2 - jacob", i thought i'd throw it across the room - i didn't want to know what was going on in his mind (if you haven't picked up yet, i'm not a jacob fan - let's not even get me started on the imprinting). but, it worked - i'm not sure how else we would've seen the reality of the haps during the gruesome pregnancy.

ok, enough about me and my opinions - let's start a chat! you goin' tonight? you already went at midnight, didn't you? brat! what do you love, hate, love to hate - let's get this convo goin'!

time to get presentable - my team edward shirt; my lion/lamb jewelry - i have a wedding to get to!


  1. Wearing my Team Jacob shirt as we speak! Can't wait to see it in t-minus-1-hour w/ my over-the-top twi-hard bff...should be awesome!

  2. Still have not seen! Will have to sneak in a show this week.


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