Thursday, December 15

starting to see a pattern here

as the last of the year's holiday cards fly out of the workshop, it always seems like i notice a theme, and this year is no different. last year everyone wanted snowflakes, year before that - bright, modern colors.

well, this year, the theme was...patterns.

i've had requests for plaid
and whimsy (read polka dots mixed with stripes!)
and, that's what makes custom so very fun. when someone has an idea, and you can make it come to life. stay tuned for more creative cards i was requested to whip up this year. man, you guys make my job fun!

if you're still wanting to order cards, you're not too late (yet). we can do a new year's card, or you can order a digital print over on the etsy workshop that you can print wherever you wanna.

k - gotta run! there are only 10 days til the fat man comes!


  1. i love shelby's! Well, i love them all, but I really love that one!

  2. Thanks girlie.. she did all the work as usual!! I just sent pictures and said the chevron... :) LOVED IT, Im going to start my own website just to push her business!!! :) Hope you had a merry christmas and a happy happy new year


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