Tuesday, September 20

picture this

i was just havin' a look see at recent blog posts, and i realized that in september, i haven't posted once about my designs. well, don't think that means i haven't been busy! now, let's remedy that.

call me a turtle. heck, call me a sloth, but i promise i'm adding items to the etsy shop. and, i'm here to show you the newest addition. these generated a ton of buzz at the summerfest in july, and when baby sister visited, she promptly added it to her must-have list.
it's a little desk calendar. isn't it cute?! it's packaged in a cd-sized case that flips out (not that flip out!) into a nifty little easel to display on your desk, counter, bedside table. for the fair, i made the calendar with only one image per month, but look, you can fit up to three per month!
all you do is send me the images, and i do the rest. i'll set it all up for you, then get your approval before i print away. of course, if you have specifics, we're all about that around here!
they're the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! and, great gifts for ANYONE on your list...particularly grandparents. you know memaw and papaw can't wait for a calendar full of your little rascal(s). (i can guarantee my mamacita's gonna want one.) or, how about the kiddos away at college to remind them of the lovely fam at home? your husband? kid's teachers? pics of your girl's trip for your BFF?

see - the possibilities are endless! and, at $20, they're a steal!

want one? or, how 'bout one for everyone?

alrighty then!! go here to get yours. (it's never too early to start holiday shopping!)

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