Friday, September 2

The Sounds of September

it's my monthly post to lament how fast the year's going by, how summer is no longer here, how can it be september already? didn't summer just start, and now we're supposed to be ready for football, the changing leaves, and back-to-school? at least it's not 110 here - that'd make it WAY harder to digest september.

anyhoodle - on to the playlist. if it seems all broody and melancholy, see first paragraph. i'm sad y'all. baby sister left me. i'm not ready for cooler temps. and, i'm gonna have to put the addy's away and work from inside pretty soon. darn you september, and your autumn begins calendar date.

ok - what are y'all listenin' to? what should i check out? have any old favorites you can't seem to delete off the playlists? are you as broody as i am about the arrival of autumn (and that stinkin' pigskin)?


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