Friday, September 9

How Pinteresting

ok, i'm sure you've all jumped on the pinterest bandwagon already. but, if you haven't, allow me to lure you to the darkside. 
pinterest is your personal online bulletin board to 'pin' anything - ANYTHING - you see as you're trottin' around the interwebs. (or you can just click around pinterest and repin all the cute things there, whichever!) you can make as many boards as you want, and pin as much as you want, and it's the.most.ADDICTING.thing.ever. ever.

look, you can pin ideas for your house:
for your tummy:
and, for your biz:
my favorite part might be the searching. you can just type in, say, oh, i don't know, robert pattinson. what? and, look at all the lovely goodness you get.
so, come on. follow me. i'll follow you. all the cool kids are doing it. you just let me know, and i'll send you an invitation!

but, don't say i didn't warn ya!

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