Friday, September 16

it's alive

y'all, rosita designs on etsy lives. ok, i know there are only four items in there right now, but it's a work-in-progress! and, if you think i feel like i just ran a marathon, you are right! setting up shops is hard work - who knew there were so many nitty gritty deets you have to cover? shipping policies, shop policies, five images, a snazzy description, pricing, a header, tags, details, details, details.

so, tell your friends, family, neighbors, everyone! then bookmark it, favorite it, add me to your circle, whatevs. i'm truckin' along, so check back frequently. (you know i'll add a handy dandy link over there to the right for you to clicky-click on.) big plans, peeps - invites, announcements, and gifts coming soon.

thanks for all the support and encouragement - i wouldn't be anywhere without you, my three readers! muah - love ya to the moon and back!

now, go shoppin'!

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