Tuesday, September 6

I Do Love a Bargain

i'm back to tell you all about the flea market we went to a few weeks ago, and show you all the loot we bought! i was sooo excited, because i've never been to a flea market. i mean, i've been to the fremont sunday market, but i don't think it's the same thing...

the market wasn't HUGE, but it was more than enough for us to sift through, and by the end, we were hot, thirsty and famished! from what i could tell from my flea market experience (none), the prices were pretty darn reasonable, too.
we loved all the textures, colors and vintage finds. there were loads and loads that i wish i could've taken home with me, too. from stacks and stacks of vintage fabric to baskets and baskets of mismatched buttons. and, then there were the boxes and boxes of costume jewelry. i wanted it all!
i had to restrain myself from bringing home all the letters we found. i maybe might have a sickness. look at them all. bah!!!
of course, we ran into zany too. anyone rockin' the dead animal decor vibe? this woulda been the place for you (it's a scaredy cat - quick, name that movie):
let's take a look at the ones that got away. (a moment of silence, please)
more letters, just of the framed variety. i want that EAT pic in my kitchen rill, rill bad. i'm thinking about DIY'ing somethin'.
can you just taste the delicious cornbread that these cast iron skillets would produce? and, in the shape of a corn cob? i die. why, oh why didn't i buy one? oh right, they were way more than $20 each! i like cornbread, but not that much.
i'm still kicking myself for not skipping home with this cute-as-can-be inbox. kick. kick. kick.
swoon. i let my mom give my pops's old typewriter away without snatching it up. not sure what i was thinking. seeing these was like a trip down memory lane - i used to press all the keys at once, and then have to pull them apart one by one.
i wanted everything in this booth. and, i woulda put everything in this picture together in the same room. the colors, the textures, the layering. the pear pic, the yummy pillows, the basket, and that to-die-for bowl. how cute would it be as a bird bath?!

now, wanna see the loot? are you even still with me? here 'tis. and, all of it came home with us for about $60!
to those of you who guessed the yellow cart from this post, how do you know me so well?? i walked past that thing twice, but i had to have it - even did some haggling for it! cause, i do love a bargain! check out that loot! jewelry, home decor, workshop decor. and, baby sister is a big fan of that bird trend.
i actually rocked one of my necklaces today:
i'm also thinkin' hard about what i want to do with these items for the workshop. shelves? drawers? wall displays? stay tuned.
now, for the cart. that little ray of sunshine. i bought her intending to paint her something boring like black or silver, but i'm lovin' old yeller. and, she matches some of the table tiles and crosses in the dining room.

y'all aren't surprised to find out that we'll be using her as a means to get our happy hour on, are ya? yea, no big surprise there! check her out all dolled up:
no, i did not stage her just to take this picture (i totally did). i just didn't want y'all to have to imagine what she'd look like as a bar cart. let's get a little closer:
she's so imperfectly perfect. i can't believe i even thought about painting her. heck, she'll bring me sunshine on all our cloudy (rainy) days.

as we can see, it's really a good thing flea market's aren't that frequent (or, at least that i don't know about them). i'm sure when baby sister helped us clear out the basement, she didn't mean for us to just fill it right back up!

so, what do y'all think? ever been to a flea market? scored an awesome deal on some sweet loot? do tell.


  1. i TOTALLY knew you brought that yellow cart home! :)

  2. Caaaa-ute. Love that yella cart. Those birdies are rill cute too and the LETTERS?!?@ Oh, the letters. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  3. I do believe I'm the only person that said YELLOW ROLLING CART out-loud... so proud... and super adorable!!! LOVE the find and I would have bought a thousand letters too, glad you were able to hold back a bit!! :)

  4. Check out this site: http://fleaportal.com/flea_markets/index/Washington

    Tells where all the flea markets are in WA. I've been to the one in Kent years ago. Would love to go check it out or others with you sometime.

  5. yep, the yellow cart! i love her!

    and, kj's mama: ohmigosh! i can't wait to go to more markets! let's put our head's together for a time to go!

  6. FYI- you have been to a flea market before, circa 1999...76th and columbus UWS, NYC.....great finds! you've always been able to find the needle in the haystack


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