Friday, September 30

impatient in the midwest

mr. man and i arrived in the midwest yesterday to enjoy sister time and (im)patiently await the arrival of baby brother. well, i'm awaiting the arrival. mr. man ditched us for wisconsin to enjoy him some live football.

sweet p's already given me a tour of the garden (while sampling parsley and dayel (basil)). and, as i type, the delicious smell of roasted garlic and tomatoes (from the garden) simmering on the stove is makin' me hun.gree.
and, making me wonder why the heck i never carved out a garden and planted anything. check out that pepper. hmmm...guess there's always next year!

while we're waiting, we'll visit the farmer's market, introduce mr. man to the farm, and who knew the bridges of madison county were around these parts? we're definitely goin' there!
we'll probably do some movie watchin' and i'm treating middle sissy to a pedicure - you think she can see her toes anymore? heck no!

y'all have a great weekend, and send good vibes to middle sissy to get baby brother outta there quick like. we're ready to meet that little stinker!

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