Tuesday, October 4

i wanna rock(tober)

ok, 'rock' might be stretchin' it a little and mr. man is sure to mock me, but i was tryin' to be rill witty!! i'm coming to you from the midwest, and i have to say october isn't bothering me that bad. you know why? because i'm spending half the month here, and we've been enjoying weather in the 80s! hallelujah - i WAS NOT ready to let my summer go, and lookie there, i got a whole 'nother month of it!

so, you may laugh at a few of the songs here - total oldies, but super good. my mama did us right and raised us on music, and these bring back the mems. you're lucky i didn't throw sugar shack on there - many a saturday morning sleep-in was ruined by that dang song. anysuch...tell me your latest faves - i've started the new fall tv season, so you know tons of those will be makin' the list (there maybe might be some on this one!)

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