Wednesday, October 12

midwest memory making

so, you know murphy? and, his dang law? yea, we're very well-acquainted. he drops bombs on us regularly and this weekend was no exception! remember how i mentioned i was joining mr man in nebraska for the second half of this year's football trip? and, how we DIDN'T want baby brother to arrive in those two days? yea, well, he did.

an hour into my slumber (been in nebraska maybe 7 hours), middle sissy called to say she was off to the hospital. and, that some friends would come take care of sweet p. can you believe? that was supposed to be my job. so, i immediately worry what do i do? should i stay or should i go now? will mr man be ok if i leave? will my sis's fam make it work? of course, you know i had to go - i couldn't leave middle sissy stressin' about sweet p when she needed to focus on baby brother.

so, poor mr man had to attend the football festivities solo. i checked in with him repeatedly, so he'd feel like i was there with him, but i know it wasn't the same. the guilt i felt all day was almost stifling. i love that man, and to have to "choose" is one of my least fave things EVER. he's so supportive and awesome - i owe him something big, big, big.

well, after that fun story (it's all about the memories, right?!), let's see the fun stuth we've been doing while waiting for baby brother. can i say that for a 40-week pregger lady, my sister was a trooper! i'd be propped up in bed ordering people around, for sure! we've been to farmer's markets, the bridges of madison county, the sculpture park, and mr man got to finally see the farm. um, i've also been taking sweet p to  gymnastics - not sure who's getting a better workout there - chasing a sassy 2-year-old around is hard, y'all!

the farmer's market was full of corn, pumpkins, and yummy veggies.
i was way in love (!) with these hearts. maybe i'll get one this weekend. they were sooo cool.
then, we joined the farmer as he sold his veggies at a smaller farmer's market. excited to see the new sign in full use! yay!
i have to say, the bridges of madison county were a little bit of a disappointment. wah-wah. oh well - made for good picture taking.
it was love at first sight when i saw this at the sculpture garden. never met typography i didn't love. frame-worthy, for sure.
i always like going to the farm and seeing all the yummy garden veggies the farmer grows. and, then i wonder why the heck i'm dragging my feet - i mean, you literally plant it, and it grows. novel concept, huh?!
okra flowers first and then turns to okra
how cool is this pic? no, i didn't take all the color out - the vines were dying away, so the only color was in the pumpkins.
and, no farm would be complete without abandoned farm equipment. my love of turquoise drew me over.
but the best parts of my days here have been spending time with and spoiling sweet p
and, snuggling with this new cute-as-can-be baby brother
that is actually what making memories is all about!

what have y'all been up to?

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