Friday, August 26

Why Do Today What Can Be Put Off 'til Tomorrow?

so, i'm in the process of creating an etsy site. well, it turns out i don't have tabitha's powers to wiggle my nose and have it poof, be done, so it's gonna take a little bit to get it up and running. so, in true procrastinator form, i've put my head in the sand, and am starting the weekend early! in fact, today, happy hour started at 4:01!

i don't feel too bad about closing up early. after all, i did declare august the month of relaxation. and, this has been a pretty relaxing week, other than a few designs and shipping our ebay sales (ya'll, that thing actually works!). my mamacita came to visit, so we did some shoppin' and eatin' and happy hourin'. and, she helped me attempt to tame my beast of a front yard. (thanks, mom!!)

you know i have pictures for you, my three readers:

a little late nite skee-ball
the weepies at zootunes
margaritas, mojitos and sangria on alki (conan visited the same resty the next night! sad we missed him.)
the must-do stroll thru the market when anyone's visiting
pretty proud of this pic!
vino and pizza alfresco for lunch
a good book and a sangria on the addy in the shade
we also found an AWESOME flea market, so stay tuned for an entire post on that and the goods we scored. (think you can guess what item went home with me from this picture?)
there are only two real weekends of summer left - get outside and do something fun, then come back and tell me all about it! if you need us tomorrow, we'll be having fun in the sun in a boat on lake washington!

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