Friday, August 12

I'm Lockin' Her in the Basement

i can't believe baby sister's been here a week already. time flies entirely too fast!! we're havin' a ball, y'all. (i'm a poet and didn't even know it!) and that girl does whatever i ask of her. well, she kinda has to, cause i'm buyin' all the eats and drinks, ya know. i'm makin' sure she's doing enough for rosita designs so she can list 'intern' on her résumé. she's gettin' rill good at tying pretty lil bows, which is sure to help her immensely out in the world of biology.

havin' someone around to do stuff with is soooo much more exciting than doing stuff alone. especially happy hour. cause i've heard in some circles, drinking alone is frowned upon.

here are some pics of all the fun we've been havin'. don't have a pic of it, but i've also introduced her to the classy world of bunko, aka drunko. (middle sissy: don't be jeally. we'd'a invited you too, if you weren't cookin' up a bambino.)
trying new recipes is also more fun when there are more people around. these are broccoli chick pea burgers for meatless monday. (not nearly as good as i wanted them to be.
happy hour starts promptly at 5:01 around here. in a fancy glass. with a side of garnish. outside on the addys. (you wish you worked here, doncha?!)
i promise we've been workin' too. we set up shop at the seattle square yesterday, and we'll be back there the 18th and the 25th.
if you're out and about, stop by. there are other cool vendors, live music, dining al fresco (food trucks!), and all the people watching you can handle. (seriously)
still on the agenda: more live music, bbqs, kayaking, crafting, and a visit from the mamacita. (maybe some work, too, we'll see)


  1. wah. ya'll are having way too much fun without me. what happened to sitting on the couch and boohooing that i wasn't there? hmmm?

  2. we are. we totally are. we just ran outside real quick to take these pics to make it look like we're doing something besides crying. i'm going to cry some more, right after i have a sip of my strawberry daiquiri. ;)


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