Friday, August 5

Rosita Says...RELAX

see what i did there with the title? see it? (eyebrow raising) see it? well, if you don't love 80s music as much as i do, then maybe you didn't see what i did there. anyhoodiddledeedee...

BABY SISTER COMES TOMARREE!! yippee!!! so exciting!!!! it'll be so much fun to have someone to boss around again. i.can't.wait. y'all, it gets lonely up in here sometimes. and, the workshop could use some help. she can be my intern, yea, that's it. bah - who'm i kidding? we'll prolly pretend to work in the mornin' and then head out to read books at the beach. (i told you august was for relaxin' - hence the post title)

if things are sparse around here the next few weeks, it's because we're doing a little of this:

and, a little of this:

mixed with a little of this:

and, definitely some of this:

we'll prolly do some cookin':

Source: via Raeann on Pinterest

and some bakin' (mmmm...bacon):

and, i'm guessin' there'll be a whole lotta craftin' going on:

it's gonna be great! i'll be sure and document it all so you can see what fun it was! oh, and we'll chat about my obsession with pinterest (where all these here images came from) soon.


  1. I'M JEALOUS!!!! :( I wanna come. :( Make lots of yummy foods for me and read lots of books and make some crafts (and send me a friendship necklace) and and and have a FABULOUS time (minus your number 2 sister).

    PS I originally posted this as Farmer Heath (hence the deletion). Was gonna leave it because it literally made me LOL, but I decided to delete it and post again.

  2. I'll have to refer to this when I forget what's on the agenda teehee. I wish it said "some cookin some bakin and some jewelry makin."


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