Friday, August 19

Keepin' It Real

ok, 'keepin' it real' might be a little misleading, cuz there's no sugar coatin' anything around here. but, 'hanging my head in shame' doesn't quite have the same ring to it. i've kept it real a few times - check it out here and here.

baby sister turned the tables on me and did some whip crackin' of her own this week. she put us to work cleaning out the basement, aka the workshop. i'm quite embarrassed to say it looked like this:
but now looks like this:
and, oh dear, looked like this (look if you dare):
which, thank the good Lord, now looks like this:
seriously, how was any work getting done? how the heck did i find anything? i guess there's always some method to the madness, but good grief! (looks like the figurine my paw-paw always had on his desk with the phrase 'a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind' really stuck with me!)

the efforts uncovered a pile of items we'd been meaning to sell. there mighta been hoarding comments thrown around. whatevs. i'm NOT a hoarder (even though some of it mighta been wedding gifts from 8 years ago). so, maybe i'm glad that girl packed her whip?? she took care of ebay and craigslist, and created a hefty goodwill pile. if you're interested in oh say, a breadmaker or a lava lamp, i'm your gal.

bah, all this organization talk is makin' me break out in hives. enough! let's look at fun pics of what we've been doin' instead! oh, and go visit baby sister. that girl's much better about breakin' down the deets.
fun sunday afternoon bbq with friends where we got to stare at this view (if we have to):
and, no question, there was some of this:
and this going on (add a little mountain dew to daiquiris for a kick):
ok, i'd really love to stay and chat more, but i really mustache. (tee hee)


  1. LOVE IT! Organizing makes me happy. Add alcohol and it makes me tipsy and happy. :)

  2. really did put Kannon to work. your basement/work space looks great! I always feel so much better after organizing.


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