Monday, September 13

Keepin' It Real

Whoa! Where've I been? I blinked and realized it's been a month since I last blogged. In my defense, I was on my girl's trip for 9 of those days, and we had company for 5 of those days. You'll cut me some slack, right? All 3 of you who read this thing. :)

So, bloggers all over sometimes do keepin' it real posts, and the other day, I found an opportunity. So, in full keep it real fashion, I thought you'd like to see my "photo studio".
Sooo professional, huh? In the kitchen, by the window (natural light), white tablecloth (neutral backdrop), using my point & shoot (trusty camera). Not exactly photographer standards, but it gets the job done for me.

And, since we're getting real here, a few more confessions...
  • I make a list every morning that includes items just so I can mark something off (um, like, shower...really.)
  • I rarely get dressed in anything other than yoga pants and a fleece. Rarely even put in my contacts. (my apologies UPS man.)
  • I get sidetracked very easily when I'm doing "research" (reading other people's blogs).
  • Coming up with blog posts is really hard for me, because I want them to be one part my design, one part my witty sense of humor, and I want you to like me! And, the post titles? Forgetaboutit! That alone can take me an hour.
So, that's me keepin' it real. Tell me something you do so I don't feel so bad about myself...


  1. I have to make lists just so I don't forget! And, two years prior to this one that I worked from home, I rarely got dressed in real clothes either. I think Teak is secretly thrilled that I have to "dress up" every day to go to the office now but I miss it! :)

  2. I let J pick my nose and try to suck on my tongue because he cracks up every time he does either-yes its gross but hes a boy thats 8 months old and the grosses stuff entertains him. I also wear sweats, a t-shirt, a ponytail and no make up to work everyday and no one ever complains about my looks because Im surrounded by men. Its the life...
    oh one more thing I have secretly listened to california girls every day via i-tunes for the last 2 weeks

  3. oh, shelby, you reminded me of something - i have the eclipse soundtrack in my car, and have had it in full rotation for the entire 3.5 months i've had it. i tell you, my obsession runs deep.

    thanks for making me feel better girls.


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