Tuesday, September 14

Bilingual Invitations

A while back, a bride-to-be sent me a message wondering about a double-sided invitation with graphic floral patterns that could have the invitation in English on one side, and in Vietnamese on the other.

I said, of course, of course; set about searching for fonts containing the Vietnamese alphabet that were pretty enough for a wedding invitation, and created a graphic peony in the wedding colors of red, black & white.

I have to say, these invitations turned out beautifully. The colors were amazingly rich, and we chose a bright white linen paper that made the colors pop off the page.
English/Vietnamese invitation
Vietnamese/English Ceremony Invitation
Close up of the paper texture. (Believe me, this image does not do it justice!)
All wrapped up and ready to go.
Congratulations to Khue-Nhi and Shane. I hope their day was lovely!


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