Tuesday, August 23

Slumber Art-y Tutorial

my mom found some small wooden plaques that she sent to me. every time i'd see them, i'd wonder what i could use them to make. then, it came to me - the guest room needed a cute little door sign, and since a guest was coming, i went to work. the fact that i'd just bought chalkboard spray paint was a total bonus!

here's whatcha need (plaque/canvas/cardboard, spray paint, stick on letters):
choose a fun word (i chose sleep), and stick the letters on your plaque/canvas where you want them
spray paint over the letters (while chatting on speaker phone with your sister)
wait a little bit, then peel off the letters
ok, now, to be honest, my paint seeped a little under the letters, so make sure to stick those suckers down. because of that, i filled in the letters with silver, and it turned out super cute!

we're done! so, hang it up wherever you like (foam tape on the back sticks it directly to the door)
since i used chalkboard spray paint, i can leave a cute-c (inside joke!) message for my guests! so, come visit!!
i'm linking up over at the lettered cottage!
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