Tuesday, July 5

Keepin' It Real

i haven't done a keepin' it real post in a long while, and decided last night was the perfect backdrop for a new post. since i'm prepping for the west seattle summerfest this weekend, there's no time for sitting around idle, enjoying the latest juicy novel, or tossing the frisbee back and forth. not even on a national holiday like the fourth of july!

we headed down to the lake to watch the fireworks with all the necessary tools: chairs, blanket, grill, laptop, scoring board. what? scoring boards and laptops aren't necessary picnic tools?

here, see for yourself. i was a scoring fool while we waited out traffic, completely unfazed by the amateur firework display going on behind me. no rest for the weary, folks. but, don't worry, i took a break to eat my hot dog, and watch the amazing fireworks.


  1. hehe. we didn't even go watch fireworks because we didn't want to battle the crowds and the levee was doubly crowded since one side is still underwater.

  2. please post about your experience! did you make a gajillion dollars?


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