Wednesday, July 20

Flowers in Your Hair

at summerfest, some girls stopped by early saturday and asked about my hair flowers. i told them if they didn't find what they liked, we could do something custom, so they chatted amongst themselves, and told me 'we'll be back'. of course, i never expected them to come back, cuz, ya know - they all say that.

but, know what? they did! and, they ordered 12 custom flowers! turns out they're running a relay in a few weeks and they're in charge of team 'flair'. they wanted something fun and sassy, and i'd say they came to the right place! in case you didn't know - sassy is my middle name. ;)

so, this is what i did all day yesterday:
they picked pink and turquoise, and had me make 6 of each color for their teammates to choose their favorite.

i finished and packaged them all up, and am off to deliver them.
they'll be so cute, won't they? and what a great idea for bridesmaid gifts, or to keep track of the kiddos at the amusement park! let's make some for you.


  1. what are you wearing,..its cutee

  2. WAY cute as bridesmaids gifts. The pink woulda been cute at my wedding. :)


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