Friday, July 15

Fair Lady

now, as shocked as most of you will be, i'm kinda shy. i'll wait while you pick up your jaw. no, really, i am. actually filling out the application for the west seattle summerfest was a huge (HUGE) step for me. so, when i heard back that they were saving me a table, i grabbed the nearest paper bag to breathe into.

O.M.G. that meant i actually had to show up. with goodies to sell. and talk to people. possibly toot my own horn. maybe ask friends for help. the horror.

well, i survived. i mighta had fun, too! and, it went really well. i even had to restock the goods once or twice! i almost got discouraged the first day, but decided the rest of the weekend would be better. (amazing what an attitude adjustment does for the situation! - stop laughing, mom)

i made new friends. met new clients. handed out hundreds of biz cards. got asked to other fairs. and, lost my voice from talking so much!

gargantuan thanks to all my pals who came out to support the biz, who helped behind the scenes, and at the table. you'll never know how much the moral support means to me.

things i learned:
do a dry run - i set up a mock table before the event, and it was a great way to make changes here and there without the stress of knowing you need to be 'open' in an hour. and, day-of set up goes so much quicker!
ask for help - i'm bad at this. but, i knew there was no way i'd get everything done without a little help from my friends. and, man, were they helpful. phew!
less is sometimes more - i put everything out the first day, and think it mighta been a weensy overwhelming. so i scaled back to give the table breathing room.
everything's negotiable - since friday started slow, i did a little price tinkering, and sales rolled in.
rice is nice (for wet phones) - i should be an expert at this by now (let's just say i have a history with water), but i went ahead and dropped my phone in a cup. nothing a tub of rice and 4 or 5 hours can't fix!
compliments feel good - duh, right? well, it felt reaaaally good to have the public compliment the goods. cause, your friends kinda have to do that already, right?

ok - enough words - how 'bout some pictures of the event?


  1. Your booth looks colorful and professional looking. I am so glad it went well. I knew it would be a big hit :-) Love you!

  2. It was such fun! Have been sending my custom Rosita cards for birthdays and just because!


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