Friday, July 1

The Red, White & Tunes

remember when we were kids and adults would say things like 'the older i get, the faster time flies'? well, it's true, peeps. seriously - june was here and gone, and i spent all my weekends besides my birthday either working, or digging up plants to expose my neighbor's yard (doh!).

i hereby declare july the month of relaxation. (well, except for the working weekends of this and next). and, this is just the playlist for the occasion. i mixed cheesy summer songs with memory-inducing tunes, and topped it all with a 'are-those-really-the-original-lyrics?' cover.

you like? whatcha lisnin' to? you know how last year was my summer of live music? i have no plans to see live music this summer. how sad. so, if you do, let me live vicariously thru you, wontcha? and, have a great fourth of july. i hope you'll get to enjoy a spectacularly expensive firework display, like we will!

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