Friday, March 1

music for march

first, thank you to all of you who've emailed, commented, facebooked, texted, called, carrier pigeoned me about my last post. it means the world to me, and i'm so glad we're all able to support each other. that's what community's all about! xoxo

on to the music and the how is it already march? although how excited are you that daylight saving's comin' up so, so soon? it's so nice not to be in the dark at 5 pm anymore. 

some oldies on here. i was lucky enough to be raised in a household of music lovers. the 'rents taste isn't exactly my speed these days, but they did expose me to a few i still keep on rotation. i'm seeing passion pit next week, so there's that. oh, and i fixed up the playlist archives over there on the right, so if you want to go back and check out some from the past, you go on with your bad self. what are y'all into these days?

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  1. Is this 2 posts in 2 weeks... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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