Tuesday, August 28

a few of my favorite things - august

first, thanks for all the kind words after my last post. i really appreciate all the support! and, apparently my favorite things are only going to come at the end of each month. i promise i'll try to be better...

ok, i saw these bracelets at a boutique recently, and i'm in love. you can switch out the plaques onto different leather cuffs to fit your mood. i think i might need... | this bible app works on any phone, ipad, kindle, etc., and it's pretty cool. there are devotionals, you can highlight and bookmark scriptures and you can connect with friends. | baby sister's invites (i'll show ya soon!) went out last week, and middle sissy has a hand cramp from using this cutey-cute punch on 175+ invites.

a local brewery mixes hefeweizen and this framboise lambic, and calls it a framba-weizen. it's my favorite, and i've started making it at home. try it in a blue moon. yum! | how cool are these nails? not sure i'd want to hang anything on them, 'cause they're so cool! | have you grabbed these almond toffee bits at costco? go, i tell you, go! they.are.heaven. | i keep meaning to pick up a decanter to let the ol' vino breathe, and i think this might be just the one. i love that it's called rainman, too.

so, what was on your radar for august? any good beach reads, apps, snacks to tell me about before the last shred of summer is gone? do tell. do tell.


  1. Good memories of the framba-weizen from last year!

  2. that hole punch is my LEAST favorite thing. my hands still despise it. :( but i do have to admit it was pretty awesome.


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