Tuesday, July 31

a few of my favorite things - july

talk about screeching right in under the radar. and, we're doing it a little different this month. we just got back from a sun & sand vacay to grand cayman with mr man's fandamily, and it was fantastic!! just what the doctor ordered!! so, here are my favorite things from the trip.

snorkeling | the sea life (not just the fishies) | 50 shades trilogy
rum punch | havaianas | stingray city | floppy hats & fedoras

i've been snorkeling in the mayan riviera, hawaii and zihuatanejo, but grand cayman is hands down the best. we hung out all day at a few reefs and the sea life, coral, and fish were amazing!

i know i've said it before, but the 50 shades trilogy is perfect mindless beach smut. they're not gonna win any prizes, but they'll pass the time for ya! wink wink

they say when in rome...so, since the west indies are famous for their rum, rum punch was my drink of choice all week. yum!

on the snorkeling trip, we stopped at stingray city to feed the stingrays. li'l bit cool, li'l bit terrifying, they feel like velvet and suck squid outta your hand like a hoover! seriously - watch your fingers! (thank goodness our guide waited until we were done to tell us he'd just been stung recently!)

i maybe mighta packed 12+ pairs of shoes, but i lived in my havaianas. if you don't have a pair, get some! and since i'm getting up there, i'm suddenly aware of wrinkling (um, hello 16-year old self!), so i tried to make sure i had a hat on at all times. 

so, what floated your boat (pun totally intended) in july? can you believe august is here? luckily in the PNW, summer's just arriving!


  1. I can't believe August is here already! Although I do feel like July dragged a bit! But August means I getta see you soon!

  2. i LOVED LOVED LOVED the caymans and sting ray city.. so glad you got to experience that too!!! And im not even going to talk about that Trilogy..sheeeeechhh


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