Friday, November 2

21 days of gratitude - day 2 - that man o' mine

day dos - i'm thankful for mr man

since it's mr man's birfday, is it not perfectly fitting that i be grateful for him today? why, yes, i think it is!
now, if you know mr man, you know he is the kindest, most open-minded, happiest man you might ever encounter. and, boy, does he love his football. it might border on obsession. he maybe might love it more than me. harumph. i try not to get a complex.

on this, his b-day, we're headed to the city of angels to - guess what? - watch football. back-to-back games, might i add. you're shinin' up my wife o' the year plaque, aren't you?! i know - i'm a saint.

wait, that is so not true. if you had any idea what dude has to put up with from me, you'd be thinking 'serves the chick right she has'ta feign interest in game after game'. seriously. i can whip out the crazy.

in celebration, here are 36 things about mr man i'm grateful for:
  • his patience
  • his giant heart
  • his loyalty
  • his silly jokes
  • how much he loves me
  • his friendship
  • his hand in mine
  • he's my biggest fan
  • his support
  • he'd do anything for me
  • his compassion
  • he makes me feel good about myself
  • he takes care of me
  • he loves me just the way i am
  • he always kisses me goodnight...and goodbye...and hello)
  • his passion
  • his laugh
  • he listens when i talk
  • he likes my cookin'
  • his blue/grey/green eyes
  • his big bear hugs
  • he lets me steal the covers
  • he indulges my crazy
  • his trip planning skills
  • he asked me to be his wife
  • he keeps me warm when it's cold outside
  • he takes me to church
  • his witty conversation
  • he rubs my feet...if i say please
  • he can fix anything
  • his good-nature
  • his kindness to my family
  • he's way cute, maybe even a hottie
  • he doesn't care about 'the joneses'
  • hearing 'how was your day' every evening
  • he lets me put my cold feet on him
and, the list goes on and on and on. i love that man with every ounce of my being, and i pray each and every one of you feels love like this at least once in your life.

happy birthday, loverboy. i'm excited to see what the next 36 years have in store for us. i love you more than one tiny blog post could ever portray. thank you for showing me what unconditional love is.


  1. LOVE this post. And what an awesome way to celebrate Mr. Man! i'm grateful for him too and that he takes care of you for us when we're far away!

  2. He sounds awesome. Happy Birthday to your man!


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