Friday, November 9

21 days of gratitude - days 7 - 9 - my girlies

day 7 - i'm grateful for food on my table
over the last few months, i've been volunteering at a food bank. and, man, if that ain't humbling. the first night was a very eye-opening experience, as roughly 200 people pass thru the doors in 3 hours. all walks of life, living below the poverty line, only able to purchase the bare minimum, seeking the rest at the food bank. i'm so grateful we are blessed with the means to put food on our table.

day 8 - i'm grateful for my sweet, sweet nana
this year, my nana will be gone for more years than i knew her sweet heart. this woman. not one for church, she surely embodied my idea of a true christian. she gave, she welcomed the less fortunate into her home, she stood up for what she believed in, she cared for the sick, and she took care of me like i was her own, while my parents worked. holy moly, i miss her, and wish upon wish that i could have just one more day with her. the last time i talked to her was thanksgiving 1993, and i was too concerned with getting home to see my friends from high school to even notice her. the next day, she went into a coma in the ICU, and died 3 days after christmas. oh, nana, how i miss you so and i hope you celebrated your birthday yesterday with an iced coffee and a dallas cowboys game.

day 9 - i'm grateful for my girlies (mamacita, middle sissy, and baby sister)
the mamacita has had to pull herself up by her bootstraps over the last 7 years. her overcoming what seemed impossible is pretty inspirational. and, when she's down, i like to remind her she's pretty durn strong! when her marriage ended after 30 years, she went to nursing(!) school, moved her 80 year old father in with her, sold his house, then her house, then packed them up for a new city and state. and, now, she takes care of people all day, and comes home to take care of the pops so he doesn't have to endure nursing home livin'. and, this year, she married off the baby and treated herself to a much-needed vacation in italy! i love you, mom and your heart o' gold! and really, you're kind of a bad-a**.

you know how big sisters are typically supposed to be the strong ones, paving the way for the younguns? so not the case in this familia. ok, maybe i was cool and hip back in the day, but lately, middle sissy has been playing the role of atlas. she takes my crazy on pretty much daily, and never ever says she doesn't have time, or 'seriously, this topic...again?!'. she's creative, smart, an amazing cook, and was made to be a mama. those kiddos of hers are destined for greatness! she's an inspiration, my hero, and i wanna be just like her when i grow up. love you sisty, and i'm so grateful we were twins born 5 years apart!

did you know baby sister came along when i was 13? and, wrapped me around her finger. a carseat the day after i got my license meant carting her everywhere. when people ask me why i don't have kids, i say 'i do...she's 23'. it drives her crazy i'm like another mom, but i'm old, y'all, and i made all the mistakes, so she doesn't have to. not sure why i worried. at 23, she's run circles around the rest of us! she has a wonderful husband, two dogs, a furnished home, a rock solid faith in God, and a job she loves, where she's making a difference! and, that, y'all is all i ever hoped for her - faith, hope, and love! mama loves you, deedle-dee-dee! ;)

you never know what you're gonna get with family, and even though we have more drama than an episode of kardashian, we are family, stuck together like glue. i love my family, and thank God he blessed me with one so darn special!

what are you grateful for today? have you joined 21 days of gratitude?
Inspired by Family Magazine


  1. Geez could you have written more of a tear jerker?? I love you sissy and you are super inspiring!! I'm so happy to see this side of you so often lately! I feel the need to go conquer the world just to keep up with you!!!

  2. umm seriously with the tear flow? geez! thanks for all those sweet words, but you really are a're just a rock stuck in a hard place right now. :) Love you tons and know that you are a ROCKSTAR! and so amazingly talented it's a wee bit sickening. :) Love you sister and miss you tons and tons and tons. Hung out with the twins today and it made me long for my sisters.

  3. This made me smile not cry for a change! I sure needed it. My daughters are so good with words! Love you, my firstborn!

  4. love to read your stuff... always good for the soul


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