Thursday, November 29

a few of my favorite things - november

better late than never huh? screechin' in with 1 day left in the month!
moon & lola monogram necklace | boston (the city) | cuppow
elf t-shirt | infinity scarf | sarah mclachlan wintersong 
indigo bird ornament | hot chocolate and whipped cream vodka

i've been coveting this necklace for years. not sure why it's never on a gift list i send family, but that's gonna change! lurve it. how cute with mr man's initials?? | ok, we just got back from boston. have you been? no? go, i say, go!! i could seriously live there. the history, the cobblestone streets, the restaurants, the history. GO! | ok, since mason jars are all the rage right now, these cuppow lids that make it easier to sip out of them are genius!

welp, december's upon us, and that means christmas movies and christmas shirts! i have an embarrassing collection of both. what? elf's one of my faves, and buddy has some fantastic quotes.  | a gal pal gave me this scarf, and i seriously love it. who knew world market sold scarves?! it's super warm, way cute and held up well in boston. | december also means christmas muuuusiiicc!! and, wintersong on heavy rotation. i love sarah. i love christmas music. the two together? STOP IT! her version of river rivals RDJ's. | so, last winter when we were trapped in snowmaggedon, i did a little cocktail creating and let me say hot chocolate spiked with whipped cream vodka is the key to keeping you warm on cold nights such as these. try it. you'll most definitely like it! whipped cream topping optional. (but, totally necessary.)

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