Thursday, January 17

thirteen to start '13

yaaaawwwwwnnnn. is anyone still there? apparently, i went radio silent, and it's anybody's guess when i'll surface again. i'm a bit like where's waldo?, huh?! where's rosita? well, here, in january 2013, yes, i am. with the first playlist of the year. just 13 songs, but i felt that fitting for the year we've entered into.

as goes the monthly drill, gimme a taste o' whatchoo been lisnin' to. i'm taking songs from tv shows, silly movies, and my yoga practice. seriously, fire in the water makes me blush every time, because i know of which movie scene i found it. ahem.

anyhoodle - i hope to finally share some new designs (by now, some might be old!), share some more about me, share, share, share. won't you stick around, through this messy life we live.

give a little listen...


  1. Great playlist! I enjoyed it while working this morning.

  2. yay! listening to this while I bloggy blog for a bit. gonna be a late one.


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