Friday, February 8

february stars

seriously? no other posts in january? i promise, my three readers, i think about posting, and then forget, or second guess myself, or let's be honest, get too lazy to size the pics, come up with a sassy title, and write the dang thing. I'M SORRY. forgive me? at least you know you can count on me to hip up your airwaves! *snort* (with songs from like 20+ years ago!)

no theme this year, but if you've got a hankerin' for love songs or country songs, i've covered those, and you can have a little listen.

so, mr man and i have been rockin' the late night karaoke lately. from the privacy of our own living room. which means we can sing whatever the heckums we want, and don't have to wait thru stairway to heaven by bobby joe, or teenage dream by suzette, or friends in low places by roscoe, who's outside havin' a smoke, and can't hear his name being called. and, the drinks are free. it's rad. come over?

well, that tangent was all so you can now know that a few of these songs have been tested for karaoke, and some were in my range! but, take it from me - february stars? not for karaoke. you're welcome. what are you listenin' to? what would you karaoke, if you had a set up in your living room?

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